Great Time to Exit

There has never been a better time to capitalise all your hard work and secure the wealth locked up in your company. The tax system, the market and the rewards are all in favour of the entrepreneur right now. We can help maximise the return to you whilst safeguarding all your hard work and ensure the core values and culture you fostered are maintained post-sale.

I started, ran and sold my own businesses. The last one, Cardpoint, for £170m. Since then I setup the Mark Mills Partnership (MMP) to help business owners maximise their income on exit. I was shocked at how entrepreneurs, like myself, were in effect being “short-changed” and not given a fair chance to achieve a premium for their businesses and fair reward for all their hard work. The advisors were all paid regardless of the sales price and also took a cut of all the work I and my team had put into the company over many years. MMP rectifies that injustice. We follow a defined procedure that I developed through experience of selling multiple business. This ensures you will not suffer from the severe stress of the process breaking down but instead be delighted when we make it across the finishing line, first time and for the maximum premium.

The average capital secured on exit is twelve times annual profit after tax. We often far exceed that. So if you prefer not to work for the next twelve years and instead achieve that income and much more in 12 months and then choose do exactly as you wish, give us a call on 07921 315387/ 01253 495495 or drop Mike Hill a mail: and we will arrange to meet up for an absolutely no obligation chat.  All correspondence/calls/mails are treated in the strictest confidence.  We full appreciate how important it is to be tactful when considering an exit and business sale.

This is what we do: we maximise the opportunities to add value to existing company worth leading to increased return for the entrepreneur and we secure a highly rewarding conclusion for all concerned.

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