Leveraging Legacies

Most advisors have never run a business like yours.

Mark Mills has started, run and sold his own businesses and became an advisor because he was asked by other successful business people, like you, if he could help them to put their companies onto the right tracks and then achieve an exit. Mark devised a process which can be used to simply grow a business and Mark will consider high quality assignments in this regard. Ordinarily, the objective of Mark’s appointment is to grow the value and achieve an exit at a premium.

Mark’s track record is exemplary and as he is a business owner, he understands the demands placed upon you and is helpful, pragmatic and realistic. The process of selling a company is a complex one and it requires the combined expertise of the business owner and an expert advisor in this field to guide you from initial preparation, through the entire process and on to a successful outcome.

This is what we do: we maximise the opportunities to add value to existing company worth and so increased return for the entrepreneur and we secure a highly rewarding conclusion for all concerned.

In three words: We Leverage Legacies.

In the October 2016 issue of Insider Magazine Mini Cam Managing Director, Nigel Wilson, explains how his business has had a record year and the role of Mark Mills in that success: insider-magazine-october-2016-mini-cam

In the August 2017 issue of Insider Magazine Mark Mills explains how an IPO worked for Velocity Composites: Ins MMP Aug 2017

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