Your Opportunity

We have an excellent track record in providing additional value and realising capital for business owners wishing to exit. We can do the same for you. This is your opportunity. The founder and Senior Partner, Mark Mills, has set up and exited three businesses, including Cardpoint which he started in 1999, expanded its operations to three countries and sold in 2006 for £170M.

This is one of the many ways that we are different. Our senior partner is an entrepreneur who has been through the entire process and produced successful outcomes on numerous occasions. Since then we have completed a number of highly successful exits for other company owners. Below is a list of all our successful outcomes to date.

  • 2015  ¦  Mini-Cam Limited  ¦  Warrington  ¦  Intelligent Cameras.
  • Testimonial: “I had received some offers for the business but did not want to sell it outright and could see an investment partner would help us to expand, particularly in overseas markets. Mark Mills joined us and we managed solve outstanding strategic issues, really build on the foundation we had laid and then found the right partner to invest who paid a premium and has been highly supportive. All in all a very successful outcome for myself and my business” – Nigel Wilson.

In the October issue of Insider Magazine Mini Cam Managing Director, Nigel Wilson, explains how his business has had a record year and the role of Mark Mills in that success:insider-magazine-october-2016-mini-cam

In the August 2017 issue of Insider Magazine Mark Mills explains how an IPO worked for Velocity Composites: Ins MMP Aug 2017

2012 ¦ Garside & Laycock ¦ Lancashire ¦ Facilities Management and Maintenance. ¦ Sold to Mathew Spie Hall – £10m

  • Testimonial: “I had been through an unsuccessful sales process and now I understand why. Mark immediately challenged my thinking and from the first Board Meeting that we invited him to, he was straight into how we could prepare the business. Mark gave us a “Master Class” in how to create additional value and I can state no other advisers came close to his pragmatic, detailed and inclusive approach. We initially thought, having been in business for thirty years that Mark would not find any ways to improve things, but he unearthed two specific areas where we created an enormous amount of value. The result was that we achieved an excellent premium on exit within 12 months of Mark being appointed and I enjoyed the process knowing he would not only sell us at a premium but equally importantly ensure a deal was secured” Paul Garside.

Date: 2011 ¦ Tactical Solutions (UK) Limited ¦ Chester ¦ Field Sales/Marketing ¦ Sold to St.Ives plc – circa. £25m

Testimonial: “Mark Mills brought a completely fresh perspective to the process of preparing and selling my company. He constantly challenged our thinking with the sole aim of driving value and ensuring we achieved a significant premium. Mark ensured our years of hard work were fully rewarded and properly recognised. He did so in a reasonable timeframe and made sure the process did not falter. Mark Mills works from the inside and is excellent at appointing/handling external advisers and making sure they work to maximum efficiency with the objective of adding value and securing the sale to the right purchaser at the maximum price. Having a fellow entrepreneur advise me and fully understand and appreciate the demands on me to keep the business running/growing whilst the process was underway was very useful.” Lorna Davidson.

2008 ¦  Protocol Communications Management Limited  ¦  Manchester ¦  Information Technology ¦ Sold to Eaga plc. Premium achieved – 38%.

Testimonial:” Mark Mills helped me achieve a significant premium. He knew how my buyer was thinking. Mark has “been there and seen it all before”. His advice was invaluable.” Kevin Griffin.

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