Making It Happen

The model we follow is one Mark Mills developed following his experiences of selling his own businesses. It is personal one that involves the partnership lifting entirely the burden of the sales process from the owners and yet involving them at every step.  It does not involve e-mailed instructions from an office in Manchester or London telling you what you need to do from afar. Mark meets every client himself every week and personally works through the process with them to ensure nothing is instructed and all is communicated, in an atmosphere of cooperation, respect and fun.

The process is challenging and certainly requires hard work with the owners input vital to the success of the project. It is also exciting; different from the normal/usual work you will have been doing and it is highly enjoyable. Mark is an entrepreneur like you and knows that you face unique challenges which require complex solutions and lateral thinking. Together we prepare the business for sale, look for possible strategic alliances and complementary  products/services. We do not value excellent businesses using standard multiples based on historical records. As important as the accounts are we never forget it is the future we are selling not the past. We will select a short list of potential acquirers and then at the end ensure the highest premium is paid and that the deal makes it across the finishing line and does not break down. That’s our expertise and experience – in ensuring not only the best possible return to you but that the return actually makes it into your bank account!

We do not share in the historical value of your business and we do not take an overall percentage of the total sales value. We are not a traditional advisor/accountancy firm.  We strongly believe all of that rightly belongs to you and not any advisors. You created that wealth. It is your hard work and skill that got the business this far. We do not get paid “anyway” regardless of the sales price. This Mark learnt the hard way when he exited his own businesses. To ensure absolute fairness to the business owner we will not take a penny of the sale unless your company sells for a premium. So we never advise you “take any old offer” just so we get paid. We are hugely incentivesed in exactly the same manner and direction as you are; to achieve the best possible premium whilst safeguarding your legacy as it is only then that we get paid too.

Our track record is excellent and we only accept engagements when we are 100% sure we can add value and secure a deal within the agreed time-frame.

In two words: Working Together.

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