12 Years In 1

The average capital secured on exit is twelve times annual profit after tax. We often far exceed that. The tax system is favourable to business owners exiting (Entrepreneurs Relief) allowing you to keep the first £9m out of £10m and likewise any family members/spouses etc. to do likewise. This is often considerably more advantageous to you than continuing to take dividends.   It is entirely up to you if you exit, when you exit and how you exit. Assuming that at some time you do wish to secure the capital you have built up then we have some options:

Option A: Continue to work for next 9,10,11,12… years taking divs and then exit. Even if you work as hard as ever and ensure your products/services, team, growth all remain positive for a decade, this option assumes factors outside your control remain favourable. The economic climate, interest rates, your market, regulation/legislation, acquisition level in 10 years, the tax system etc. Any or all could change leaving you at a significant disadvantage financially.

Option B: Choose to Exit now with Mark Mills and take 9,10,11,12…years worth of income in the next 12 months, at a fraction of the tax rate you would with dividends and retire, start a new venture, take more holidays, play more sport, induge in what you really would like to work on, spend more time with the family…. do exactly what you want to do. The key here is knowing the capital has been secured and is not at risk; certainty of wealth. Whatever you choose to do you can choose to do it with the confidence that no matter what; you and your family are secure.

This is the generic picture: work hard for another 10 years to keep everything on the right course (and hope all external factors out of your control remain on the right course too) or exit with us and get 10 years of income (often way way more) in 12 months time and secure your future forever.  The choice is entirely yours but we would be very happy to meet up with you for an informal and confidential chat to discuss your specific business and options facing you at this time. Please just give Mike Hill a call on 07921 315387/ 01253 495495 or drop him a mail:mike@mark.co.uk and he will arrange to meet up for an absolutely no obligation  and no cost chat.

This is what we do: we guarantee certainty of wealth now allowing you to do whatever you wish in the future.

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