Your Partner

Mark Mills started his first business at 18 selling a brand new invention – the mobile phone. In Germany it is known as a “Handy” though as they were the size and weight of a household brick then “handy” they weren’t. He went on to found a business selling advertising space on his own post boxes located in petrol stations and from there he developed his third business, Cardpoint. This introduced stand alone cash machines to the U.K. and Mark expanded that across three countries before selling it for £170m. By any definition, Mark is an entrepreneur.

During the exiting period of Cardpoint Mark developed  a 40 step process to ensure that the sale achieved the maximum premium, the deal did not break down and the capital was secured to schedule. We now apply this same process on behalf of our clients ensuring they achieve the maximum premium for their hard work.

We understand that you face unique challenges and have to steer your company through complex issues. You might have appointed other advisors before and come to realise they just “didn’t get it”. If you would like to explore further the options open to you, what they mean and how exiting “works” then give us a call and we will meet with you at a time and place of your choosing – no obligation or cost. You can reach us on 07921 315387 or 01253 495495 or mail Mike Hill: