The Process


A forty step process sounds a lot when you start to consider exiting your business, but only you know the true, potential and often hidden value to your business. If your business has depth and you want the full price, the right home for your team and a clean exit, then Mark Mills has the expertise, empathy, experience and t-shirt.

Full Value

You have dedicated years and made many sacrifices for your business and you deserve full value for it.

Deep Understanding

Advisors who simply want to skip across your business and tell your competitors your secrets should be given short shrift.

Hidden Value

You know that your creation has depth and breadth but not everybody can see it (they couldn’t when you started up either…)

Right Hand Men & Women

We all have our colonels and they need to be looked after – your moral compass wouldn’t let you do a deal otherwise.

You’ve Spent Your Life Keeping Confidences

You don’t want the world to know you are now looking to exit – it won’t help business, it won’t help your staff and it won’t help the price.

A Unique & Enjoyable Process

Mark Mills enjoys the journey, loves the detail, can hold his own in any situation and will be on your side like nobody else.


There aren’t many people you would want to tell everything about your business to but Mark Mills operates at the highest levels and is a trusted Advisor to company owners, private equity houses, Brokers and investors.


Mark Mills spends time with his clients every week and his process is collaborative, value accretive and based on a successful outcome, defined at the outset of his relationship with you.


Mark Mills charges high fees, mainly based upon the successful outcome. Stop reading if you don’t want to pay an appropriate amount for the sale of your business for more than you imagined, taking less time and allowing you to continue growing the business to maximise its value.

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